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Little Redstone Your No Name on Houzz, 

‘The Abstract Report” 

Truth Vs Reality 

“The Life of Sharks is a webcomic”

“Our expectations can create significant stress when they don’t match up to reality.”

The great Isaac Newton’s ideas about the nature of light, it was staggeringly simple. It “may be repeated with great ease, wherever the sun shines,”

Evilest Goddess 2020  in Darkness Neon Lights only flashed Befez while you were sleeping in “whispers of words in siliance”. 

James Herron

June 3, 2018 request for Help 

“Identification theft”

Adi Tatarko Choose 

Not Share Houzz Befez 

7 weeks of live room webcams when clicked

Just one flash of Neon Light June-august 2018  This Blogger Image is the Only Image never to appear again on Befez. 

It gets the first one removed from Befez award

Little Redstone video tape this actionaly request and is with holding this video tape at this time , It’s was not editors choose iis all I can say 

James Herron 

Houzz Drinks Canada DRY 

Houzz Fights Befez Seo Sucker with the Canada City extensions  in Multiples of Duplications of Canada mirrors and the Deactivated account Little Redstone to maintain the Houzz Befez google seo over take due to rebest robots in Javascript loads for over 18 months, 

Houzz Pimps Out Canada’s SEO to Maintain the offset of the Befez sucker as claimed in secret DMCA no recognized or published by Houzz for all ranks, 

Canada the cross border  Invasion, in the Houzz seo google take over got busted by Befez 

Houzz Copyrights regarding any rules for ‘Canada” on Houzz to be found, 

I am the proof, as the Leader of Houzz in Toronto said one page organic ranking page in City extension since 2012 until the day Houzz whitewash my already ghost shadow blocked profile since spring 2017,  that has intucial taken advance of Canadians seo, and trust by uploading onto what is said to be an equal to all updates, since late 2016, 

All it turn out to be was a Multiple of abstracts in mirrors of seo, double raining pages appears, mass loading in repeats of false ranking pages on statesmans.vom and, to even more seo in repeats, 

Then come the tags to produces in mirrors take the seo away from any Canadian that uses that image on there website by adding tags in abstracts to now make that image a bean in a jar in repeats, say goodbye if you think uploads an image onto houzz shall help your website in any seo ever again, 

Kiss sthat image good by and the control of your own website seo you give up in property values left after Houzz has attach all it’s “Empowerment of Technology” we gave up to build years ago, It’s just we all forgot, we feel for the Neon Light, But treads are tread and some hey don’t end well 

But yahoo was the cats ass at one time two, Companies forget really it is by words of mouth and people shall stand up when they feel abused and special when trust was build with years to be broken, 

Houzz has broken both trust and partitions, 

Houzz Mud Seo Canada  

Opt to by in today, ” We shall sell your reviews to others, we shall redirect your images, we shall run google ads while we block you and pice redirect our images on Houzz to paid content, we shall make your oge a Recess shelf on Houzz, 

we shall piece out your photographer on Houzz and removed his copyrights, we shall akt tag you as befez, we shall use you images as no name shopping channel images to sell pillows, we shall link your no name images to redirects to paint toronto home builders that pay Houzz, 

Remember Little Redstone,  ADI Tatarko Owns  your brand by uploading on Houzz for ever! 



 Houzz Fall 2918

 Alt tag out Befez in Little Redstone name on  Toronto Interior designer leading Images and mass load quick maybe that will work 

Houzz 7 ways to Pratice Deepthroat 

Porn links just going in and out of Houzz domain site Switches 

Or as “ADI TATARKO” states

“Houzz not Hack or Even Broken August 1, 2018”

Houzz takes Little Redstone image and DQC Photograph on a seo trip of mirrors that link to Home builders pains ads and then repeats this again 36 times, the Canada Image takeovers in seo by Houzz with no copyrights as it’s Canada the un recognized country and we are the “empowerment of technology” that needs to save all, The hind truth of Houzz cross border invasion of abuse of Canada seo and property owners, trusted. 

A dedicat song in ‘Views”

As “Adi Tatarko” site’s in this “Denial and the  process in Cycle”.  You Just Hurt use all, simple a disappointment 

 Evilest 2020 Come forward Out of your Darkness 

If ADI TATARKO wants you located in Australia

You shall be located in Australia  and long with all your upload website images to abstract of Australian homes . She will loacte your images 

Little Redstone states:  This is Harassment 

If ADI Tatarko wants to Lead the Chain of Darkness #Houzz her Here dreams followed by the actors of the “Houzzintology” the empire Noen God Of Google SEOm the empower of flashes of abstract to be left for the google webmaster crawlers in negative Darkness, 

Houzz double logo, the equal of seo enhancements 

Truth vs Truth

White-ness Vs Darkness

The 2020 best way to fight Houzz seo is head on

The ‘Mirrors” in 2020  “Double Relative Vs Reality” is passing, when shall darkness show its presents 

Quote -Day #666  

More On the Houzz Canada Seo take over shall follow soon 

The Houzz of Darkness leads way back to 2016

The Dream Keeper 

Maria Blanco 

Adi Tatarko best word generated graduate 

 “Fools,” said I, “You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my arms that I might reach you.”
But my words like silent raindrops fell
And echoed in the wells of silence

If ADI Tatarko thinks you should be burded in concrete steps then her wish is in command, Located Little Redstone in Concrete in Russia 

Harassment is what I say for finding Befez and fight Houzz since 2016 as a Ghost Shadow profile