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Little Redstone Media has found a new means of economics in the results of the state of nature by the means that Houzz presents.  

Due to the last two weeks of noticeable changes in our team’s monitoring of our SEO cyber war with Houzz. As of Aug, 2018, Houzz removed our profile due to what they say was our views… we feel it was actually due to our standing up against their so called organic listings model. Let us officially state it right here again…  “Little Redstone” is not on Houzz!”  We have NOT been since August of 2018!

After Houzz decided to remove our profile, we started to monitor the activities of Houzz to see if they would continue to use our name and images. Result… they did… and MORE… We asked them repeately to stop this practice, but instead of stopping what we got in return was a noticable increase by Houzz of additional SEO ALT tagging using our branded name Little Redstone and continued use our images to promote their site. According to this article published on Mar. 21, 2018 on Business Of Home Liza Hausman / Vice President of Marketing at Houzz  stated that they follow all DMCA laws. Ironically we filed two successful DMCA notices against Houzz on Jan. 22 and Jan. 23, 2019 you can see here… so…  this seems untrue…  Since this ridiculous amount Image Tagging by Houzz under their new reproduction of economic means for Google web crawlers as we will explain as we go forth, we simply now have had enough. Little Redstone Media was created in response to the “Catphish / Cloaking” Advertising by illegal use of our name and copyrighted images.

 AGAIN… Little Redstone is Not on Houzz. 

What is Negative Website SEO, mean? In plain English, for us, the actors of Houzz is currently posting our Brand name “Little Redstone” in mass amounts in added image alt tags on Houzz that show up as nothing to do with Little Redstone can result in giving us some negative trust by Google. Also we have hundreds of bad links from Houzz. All this we have documented over time with video and screen shots. As we monitered our situation, we started to notice other Houzz SEO tactics that are being used. We will also bring forward these facts through video and screenshots on how Houzz use profiles, product images, SEO of Interior Design, General Contractors, Products and Kitchen providers across Ontario. This is called “Catphish or Cloaking in digital Advertising wheren they use a name or image that does not take you to where it says or shows. The lowest form of SEO cyber war a brand can face. In addition, Houzz is “Catphish “ our reviews of others on Houzz (google found SEO descriptions page tags) and Little Redstone’s images are used to Catphish links to Pro Paid Interior Designers on Houzz. Never mind Houzz Google ads “Little Redstone Projects” to be found. Then came attached to the Google ads ” Catphish” pro’s images found to be a redirect to Little Redstone project page posted as the Google Ad for SEO interactions. All will Little Redstone is not on Houzz Since Aug 1, 2018.

Best Home Builder in Toronto

Two Year Support Ticket is still active by the Actors of Houzz.

Little Redstone is Not on Houzz but yet is still on Houzz.

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Little Redstone Media


The Canadian Houzz Auditors 

WE Are Always watching!!!!

We Now Found the New Means of Understudy 

Little Redstone  Media has concluded and closed our first Subject in post pages.  Our research and development has come to the conclusion in this understood subject. 

“I found this, while continuing my interest of understudies of what we thought was an organic internet, that may be under everyone’s eyes without being noticeable, could be nothing more than wolves in sheeps clothing. Watch as the neon lights go by, leaving all in darkness.  What is the labor of law where one man’s labor versus the era of instrumental technology now that does mass marketing that can take ownership of one core piece of a brand and mass market it globally  in seconds without moral or ethical beliefs of recourse…”


James Herron 

Houzz Befez | 18 Month Porn Hub 

May – 2018 –  November 2019 

Found to Effect the Houzz March 2018 Google Updated Release 

javascript introduction  

and site-switches  

“All Lead  for 18 Months to the Solicitation to Porn cam Links “