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Cleaning Houzz!

Houzz have been gaining a reputation of dirty tricks to deceive the unknowing, and turning a once ideabook and organic style lead page into a “self-centered” monetary service.


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Houzz was once a small scale “hobby” ideabook platform according to owner Adi A that has since grown into a pretty massive $4 billion selling monster. BUT with great power comes great responsibilty…

This seems to be where Houzz  starts to crumble…  responsibility. We all know how the world turns, and we all know that the left hand does not always know what the right hand is doing, especially in such a large business, but when does it become ok to just turn a blind eye to the way your company treats people, whether that is a client, a customer, an employee or even a “non-paying” professional? How is it your site gets hacked and you, or someone in the company, makes a decision to not tell your membership until over a month after you knew about it? How far down the chain does it go before you do not know what is happening within your business, where you trust who you have put in charge enough that you no longer oversee what they are doing and they are trusting who they have hired and so on and so on… Of course this is speculating that you don’t know and also that you are not the one telling your employees to act the way they do… So at what point of growth does it become ok to shirk off the responsibilities…

Award winning Design

A 7 1/2 years Organic Home builder in Canada  is Screwed Over and Spammed Out By Houzz in Negative Seo attacks 

We have a song to suit the State of Mode for Houzz 1000"s employees, The one person will speak out in revolutionary form from this day forward and has no care to stand alone!!!  The Caanadian Houzz Auditor Clan will stand in darkness!! 


The Canadian Auditor Houzz Team 

Calls Out Houzz Founder ...... 

Alon Cohen


Little Redstone as 'David Small Design" on Houzz
Little Redstone States: in further, “Adi Tatarko ” owner and CEO of ‘Houzz’ knowingly or
unknowingly breach the agreement between ‘Little Redstone” by choosing this image out of
‘Little Redstone” projects uploads (35 St. Andrews dr) uploaded by ‘Little Redstone” to provide a
Copyright removed for over 18 months, and renamed, redirected to “Paid Program Users” as
“David Small Designs” to be viewed as “Bait and Switched” to cause harassment”and/or the
investigation of the purpose.

Particulars of Claims 

Our Services


What's Included

  • Being ignored
  • Being lied too
  • Being hung up on

How it Works

  • Multiple Houzz Sales Rep Calls
  • High Pressure “Buy Now” Tactics
  • Promises Of Which They Have No Real Control
  • Misleading Product Descriptions
  • You Will Be Featured on the Befez Buffet

Services & Pricing

  • 12mth. Contract for Pros
  • Auto Renewal – Ignored Cancellation Request
  • Higher Product Prices Than Other Companies
  • Ignored Emails and Not Returning Phone Calls
  • Depends on Profession and Location (or what they con you into…)

What You Can Expect From Us

Trusted & Experienced

Well, this is what they say but MULTIPLE reviews on many sites and BBB complaints would beg to differ than what they say… 

Reliable & Fully Insured

Good luck on this one as well. You signed, you bought… We Own You… Too Bad…


Oh, yes, these will get you… Get roped into a 12mth. contract with a promise of “Your business will grow SO MUCH with us!!!” Even IF you get nothing in return, no new clients, no new work… too bad Pay Up!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Nope… Definitely not this one! They promise the moon and deliver nothing and then blame the customer and say “so what. Pay or we will send you to collections”

Happy Customers???

Customer Service Response

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service

Status: Answered 
anonymous user


Desired Outcome

Please cancel my service and stop charging monthly.


Houzz continues to charge me even though the contract ended in 2018 and I confirmed I did not want renewal. I had a contract with Houzz which ended 9/11/2018 and continue to be charged $250 monthly. I have written to them and spoke to someone on the phone confirming I no longer wanted their service. Houzz continues to charge my credit card monthly.

Houzz Response


To Whom It May Concern, Houzz is currently in contact with the professional to address his concerns. If the professional has additional questions regarding his account, he may contact his dedicated account manager. Sincerely, The Houzz Team

HEY HOUZZ!!!! Looks like they have tried repeatly to contact YOU ALREADY!!!!

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service

Status: Answered 


Desired Outcome

There are two options: 1. We send the item back for a full refund as well as reimbursement for shipping costs 2. Refund the full value of the vanity

anonymous user
Customer Service Response


Improper advertising tactics, misrepresentation of product and horrible quality of item sold I ordered a floating vanity from Houzz (order number XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) and my first mistake was falling victim to their manipulative advertising tactics. Houzz sells their items by pressuring the consumer to think they will miss out if they don’t buy something right now! Houzz’s website lists things as having “only 9 left.” If there were only nine left when I bought the item back in August, why are there four other sellers currently selling this item on Houzz’s website? It is manipulative and dishonest advertising, not to mention completely untrue. I didn’t want to “miss out” on this item selling out (clearly that doesn’t actually happen) so I purchased the vanity even though we weren’t ready to install it due some home remodeling projects. I received the vanity the end of August (8/30/18). We finished our bathroom the beginning of November 2018 and that is when we installed the vanity. I noticed several issues right away but the main issue was that the sink didn’t fit properly onto the counter (top of the vanity), thus a huge gap between the sink and countertop which would require about a half inch of caulking to keep the sink from moving. There also isn’t enough room to install an actual faucet behind the sink properly. The only way to install a faucet is the jam it up against the sink. The finish on the vanity is also worn off in spots. We cannot actually use this vanity properly due to the sink and faucet issues. It is completely defective and horribly manufactured. The first time I contacted Houzz informing them of these problems was the beginning of November 2018 – as soon as we had installed the vanity. With this particular floating vanity, there was no way to identify these issues until it had been installed. So I let Houzz know as soon as I knew! Houzz responded that the seller wasn’t able to offer any refund since it was past the 30-day return policy. My husband and I tried to figure out if we could fix these problems ourselves and still live with the vanity but were unable to engineer any solution. So I contacted Houzz again the beginning of February 2019. Houzz again took zero responsibility and blamed the seller (Custom Bath Designs) and said they were unable to do anything other than credit us back $77.00. We paid $770.00 for this item so getting back a measly 10% credit is completely unacceptable. I would have NEVER purchased this product if I knew it was defective. We were duped by advertising as well as online photos that completely misrepresented this product (if the photos were even real). So Houzz continues to respond by blaming the seller and that the seller is unable to do anything but what about Houzz? I bought the product off the Houzz website so what is their responsibility to the consumer?! Houzz should not be allowed to engage in manipulative advertising practices or selling products that are so clearly defective. Houzz needs to offer some sort of resolution here and it needs to be more then $77.00 considering we paid $770.00 for an item that is so poorly designed and put together, it is unusable.

Houzz Response


To Whom It May Concern, The customer reached out to report an issue with her vanity two months outside of policy. While Houzz is not able to directly assist with a warranty issue, we have provided all the necessary information for the customer to do so directly with the manufacturer. The customer confirmed that they filed their warranty on 3/20 and is allowing time for the manufacturer to review her claim. If there are any additional questions she may contact Houzz by calling ************** or by visiting Sincerely, The Houzz Team

Our Pricing Plans

Depending on your vocation, area, maybe time of day etc…  prices vary.

The Little Redstone Media Birth

The Little Redstone Media Evolution / Revolution

“Little Redstone NEVER paid to be on Houzz. We pushed their promise to keep their Professionals lead page organic and we stayed on top of Houzz to keep their promise. If their was a change, we followed it, if their was an issue, we called them out on it… they did not like this.  We fought hard to stay on top, following all their ever changing rules, emailing support and calling as often as needed! And like so many, we got hung up on, lied to and of course the plethora of empty promises”

Little Redstone was very vigilant on monitoring our position as number one on the Organic page. Then came the discovery on June 3, 2018 of Befez, and then being exiled from Houzz. “Houzz is Not hacked, broken and because of your views we are deactivating your account.”  and then came the birth of Little Redstone Media… and our mission to expose the truth about our experience with our 7.5yrs on Houzz.

What started as a “Hey Houzz, we found something weird” to being booted from Houzz,  to the growth of a website to now becoming the Canadian Houzz Auditor… Always Watching, Learning and Sharing What We Find! We Will Not Quit Until Our Social Justice Is Won!


This Comes From Blue Corona:


“I think Pro+ has its benefits, but do I think it’s necessary to see success on Houzz? Absolutely not! Houzz Pro+ isn’t necessarily worth it for every company; it just depends on your goals and what you’re willing to spend. I’d say if you’re just starting out and/or have a smaller budget, you may not necessarily need to jump right in with Houzz Pro+, especially since there is no proof that Houzz leads come from promoted or organic results. Even with a regular (free) Houzz profile, you can engage with the community and build your reputation and authority online”

Please pay attention to line “especially since there is no proof that Houzz leads come from promoted or organic results.” 

From our research, more and more we see the same thing being said, not from Houzz Reps but from REAL Clients! People tired of images being stolen for Houzz products, images being tagged, fake reviews, credit cards being charged beyond the agreed contract time, no support, lied to, etc… Time to Expose the Truth of Houzz through the stories we find!

Canada The affiliated Houzz City Extensions Abuse for years 




Home design journalist writing about cool spaces, innovative trends, breaking news, industry analysis and humor. It’s not only a new year but a new decade.

  • Three-tone kitchens. …
  • Refaced cabinets. …
  • Blue cabinets. …
  • Wood cabinets. …
  • Soft-colored kitchens. …
  • Slabs. …
  • Mixing matte and glossy tile. …
  • Porcelain.


Keep all Healthcre with-in the walls of Houzzintonlgy and diffealy don’t tell the IvyMark about ‘Befez’ shhh 

We can control Little Redstone Truth in life,,,, Houzz is not hacked or Even Broken 

Free Food & Drink

with a play ground at brake with a slide and little cozy spots for a  nappy brake time with cookies and Milk. 15 min only of coarse soon agreement and your   university degree in word generation 


Test as many tags on products as possible on Little Redstones images, He has 1600 images, great test bucket zone since 2016, as found on Befez May 2018 as the attached seo test bucket on Houzz taken by Befez to porn 


Start a game of Risk, the World Domination Game with Little Redstone to fight the negative seo found to be taken the world in seo on google to rank over, We have no choose, while Befez out ranks use using Little Redstone on Houzz we provided.  

Have Befez Events

contuine to contrube to the solicitation of porn shhh…

Fun at Befez November 2018

Little Redstone

is Calling again to be deleted 

O Umm,, hey let’s run another google ad in December 2018 in ‘Little Redstones Brand Name” 

,,,lol that sounds great Befez is still over taking Use any way, 

We promise we don’t send spam, Little Redstone Media has collected all data in fight in  “Human Rights” to what this 2020 has become and the Un-Notice Empwerment of Technology  and it’s natural State, to protect online Bullying  

Why Live and Build a Home in New Toronto, Toronto, Ontario Canada

New Toronto is a neighbourhood and former municipality in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located in the south-west area of Toronto, along Lake Ontario. The Town of New Toronto was established in 1890, and was designed and planned as an industrial centre by a group of industrialists from Toronto who had visited Rochester, New York. New Toronto was originally a part of the Township of Etobicoke. It was an independent municipality from 1913 to 1967, being one of the former ‘Lakeshore Municipalities‘ amalgamated into the Borough of Etobicoke, and eventually amalgamated into Toronto. The neighbourhood has retained the name.  43°36′02″N 79°30′19″W