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NG-Interior Design has developed the new offices of interior home design website Houzz located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The company has branches in London, Berlin, Moscow, Japan and Australia. A development center for the mobile app has recently been opened in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The website and app are visited by some 30 million customers a month, looking for inspiration and solutions for renovating and designing their homes. Houzz has created a global community that connects customers with designers and architects who upload photographs of their work on the website, offering a pleasurable and convenient renovation experience.

Marx’s theories about society, economics, and politics – collectively understood as Marxism – hold that human societies develop through class struggle.

The rest of the area is taken up by the open space and the Houzz Café, which is designed as a home dining room, separated by a partition of giant Lego blocks. 

Santa Monica became a famed resort town by the early 20th century. The city has experienced a boom since the late 1980s through the revitalization of its downtown core, significant job growth and increased tourism. Popular tourists sites include the Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Par