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Little Redstone not on Houzz


Since aug 1. 2018

Due to blocked support since 2017,  to the Lack of service to maintain a equal to all platform, the indiscretion of services, the lack to provide services as advertised since November 2016.

I have been in description in views and reports of conflicting facts to levels with Houzz in breach of affairs now since November 2016.



I have been tracking and documenting the services that Houzz has been providing to Canadians since November 2016 and plain and simple Houzz has shown resilience. I have been now singled out Houzz, told by Maria Bianco ” Head Of support” Little Redstone profile is on tested until Houzz can finish its updates. Houzz now has place “Little Redstone on Houzz” in a state of Mode of Houzz states is some type of deactivation on Houzz since Aug 1, 2018.   

Due to the “Identification theft” of Our Little Redstone on Houzz profile.

June 3, 2018 I found our Little Redstone Houzz profile to be now used in full views as “Houzz” to link to malware and Porn.

Houzz hass not respond at all to my “Identification theft “claims for after 8 weeks until Houzz Stated.  


ADI Tatarko You are a Lair!!!! 

18 Month Text javascript reboot reload Robot ,,,,, Left in your darkness will you where sleeping, 

Houzz Blogger Must be Green in the Face with the Google St.hzcdn/rss/ ####/ , text Javascript  rebot, reboot in loosed mirrored pages and backpages links. Houzz has around also most 1 Million Five hundred thousand links to search through In duplications,


Canada 🍁 as one of still Today found as a befez attempt to find a new IP as the address have now been removed since December 2019, 

What Choose do we have? This is what the word “Deactivation” on Houzz Means !!……… Adi Tatarko remains in darkness  2020

James Herron, Little Redstone. shall fight for Candian Civil Rights 


What is today’s Monopolies of this internet now in free choose? 

 Freedom of association encompasses both an individual’s right to join or leave groups voluntarily.  I am in of one’s own free will, of one’s own accord, of one’s own volition, of one’s own choice, of one’s own choosing, by choice, by preference a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress by sharing what it means to be a “Deactivated Profile on Houzz”

 James Herron 


This is the facts of the Capitalizations of Houzz and how a long term relationship  since 2012 to be the proud leader of “what I thought was a fair and Organic content as a provider for my brand “Little Redstone’ 

This is based largely on my own experiences as  now,  an educator and as a professional working at the intersection of the home renovation to develop into design fields and environment-behavior research on what is left Statement to now  “organic content” on the internet

as ” Little Redstone” Identity of ” labour of work” is in this present times of what I can state in beliefs is an Evil place, full of darkness of a place of existence now as a brand name and in any association to “Houzz” while “Houzz” is under new means of  Global Domination.

Plan and simple Houzz is not worth “One ” unmarked Ranked page in my views since November 2016, or other wish be a miss located, in mass global amounts , in Abstract provide by Houzz.  What good is over unfollowed backlinks to my Little Redstone website do for my brand but provide Google negative followers in mass global. 


Image Incubation by Capitalism  “Understudies 2020” the Repeated it’s too late!!

Protect your Future data, 


Little Redstone is Located in Midtown Toronto Not as Houzz states not to be

I Would like to inform all Little Redstone is located in Midtown and not kilometers away as Houzz did mislocated Little Redstone On Houzz since November 2016 -2020 

Provide on the Paid Located Pages. 


I Would like to inform all Little Redstone is located in Midtown and not kilometers away as

Houzz did mislocated Little Redstone On Houzz since November 2016 on the Paid Located pages. 


“Shine On You Crazy Diamond”

‘Opt to buy in Today” in Canada,,, under a .Ca domain….. Take a look at the seo image for Royal Exterior Fine Carpentry,,,, nice phone number locator LOL …..  So This profile went to the Canadian Houzz Aduit understudies ………..


Find Little Redstone On Houzz here in cache page loads provide by Houzz.

Find Little Redstone On Houzz here in images in "Deactivation State of Nature " All is under protested by "Little Redstone" for copyrights ownership.


Build a Internet Wall Canada | Houzz April 2020 News,,, 

Houzz now has opened it’s follow back network connects rules to boost the “Opt to buy in Today’ Paid leading in incubation image Seo for 2020, 

Yes all your free uploads to the City Extensions to Canada where found are now showing backlinks from the labour of work by clicking on Houzz and the constant flow of Neon Lights “Empowerment of Technology in this day and age to who really doesn’t know My views Of Houzz due to the Harassing shunning online that Houzz is to this once Canada that has been failed since 2016 in civil human rights. as a Canadian and the witness to seo abuse as County to All for over a Decade. 



Best Image of Little Redstone used to link to the best home builder in Toronto while Little Redstone is not long on Houzz after one year! Aug 2019

This is an image owned by  “Little Redstone” in use as state of nature provided by Houzz as

” Deactivated on Houzz  is now in nature mode and present”  content


Is this to be constinted an Evil business practice for this day and age?

Find Little Redstone On Houzz here in images in "Deactivation State of Nature" now provide by Houzz. All is under protested by "Little Redstone" for copyrights ownership.

This is a image owned in copyrights by “Little Redstone” now used to exist to be representing a Local Interior Designer in Toronto.  

June 3, 2018

I Found My Houzz profile under Abstracted on Google!!!

This was the begining to the End of Houzz and Little Redstone in any accositation 

No Contract Houzz Will Not Give Public Notice for Security Reports of "Identification Theft" when present . You are on your own!!!

Houzz will not respond to any "Services Agreement failures or Support suggestions. If you do bring your views and suggests, you will find your profile in a class of resistance

Houzz will block your support line for long points of time and if you keep requesting Houzz to provide the services as advertis you will find yourself as :Little Redstone a "present on Houzz as a "deactivated in state of nature" to be used as Houzz to profit and gain

Unlimited Data, Talking, & Texting

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Featured Little Redstone Reviews while ‘Deactivated” Yelp Let’s see Out Befez ,, He’ll yes ,, Use Little Redstone catch loads in reviews,,, ha h ah OK sounds great,,,,

Little Redstone reviews Orilo Landscape on Houzz in chase loads on 100s of Paid descriptions as a paid pro… Mean while back at Little Redstone we are sending demands letters since August 2018 to be removed in all contents and reviews,,,, Yep You don’t own your know reviews on Houzz as a deactivated account, Its called Capitalism in data collecting for 2020

Yes Little Redstone shall Be forcing the Neon God for this Unwanted materialized fake reviews by Hozuz by the Mass in darkness pron hub is active,

Adi Tatarko Take your Google ads in My brand Name in Your views to your moral bed…..

You are the most Evilest women In business for 2020,

Piss off………….. Get out of Canada you abusers, Take you 11 home builders links and your 14 designers and architect links slit profiles in mirror from page 2, base and located in Germany.

Nice HOuzz now provides open seo to who that pays Houzz, March update, Houzz now boosts see for paid content.

Hey Houzz what happen in 2017, Houzz states to Little Redstone is has no care on what Google results are showing.. That kind brings my views early their “Adi”………… Nice mordized starting founders story just like a DMCA request don’t while all your followers of Houzzinloghy are sleeping 😴 …. Houzz what ,,, 10 months of Demands to take Little Redstone of the identification theft of befez you Adi in the night claim Befez in feb query without any notices,,,,, 


“Shine on You Crazy Diamond”

 of Houzzintonlgy 

somewhere else

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