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The Canadian

                  Houzz Auditors                 Presents 

Houzz Darkness



April 2019

Little Redstone Media – Houzz Social Engineers Awards

by Mar 21, 2019

April 2019

Maria Bianco

Head Of Houzz Support. Nov 2016

The Dream Keeper 

Maria, the dream keeper, was successful in the change of our views and to remove our 5 1/2 year organic leadership to lead at that time the only Toronto Home Builders’ listing provided by the actors of Houzz.  Little Redstone always retained double the amount of content then its competitions to carry our organic leadership on Houzz.

Houzz injection in Dream Keeper words protecting the new needs of reproduction. The non-ranking Duplicate listings provided by Houzz to sell products and SEO Houzz to the top of in Canada.

Maria has been a great asset to state “Houzz is staying Organic in the Profesional Class” presented added pages within the Society of Houzz. (November 2016).

The noticeable change of means is the present day by the Actors of Houzz were an added page appears. September 2016 Metro Toronto Home Builders.

The Dreams Keeper Steps Up,

Maria states in November 2016 that Little Redstone profile is actually fine in place organically on Top but Houzz is underway testing and will Not RANK until the installation is complete.  Um Ok, Thanks!

More Little Redstone Facts/ Dream Keeper News to come.


To Be Continued 

The Dream Keepers Story telling 


Maria is somewhere with-in the Houzz closed doors still under a job title ” word gerorating..somewhere in darkness

Maria Bianco is copied in Little Redstone’s find of Befez and others. Maria choose to leave the porn hub link in the darkness still in the “Sounds of Siliences” towards Little Redstone and You ALL is to left to all to be linked to porn in her Houzz views in return.



The One’s The Know & Stay with-in the Nation of Houzz walls But  “Sounds of Silence” still Remain in the Shadows of Houzz Darkness.

How Long Will This Nation of Houzz Neon Light Shine?

By the Parker Clan

Find Out Who Also has known about the Houzz PornHub 

Coming May 2019 

Who remains in ” The Sounds Of Silence” 

In the meantime, you can “Opt to buy in the Houzz Trust today in the founder’s storytelling of the Houzz being”    

Houzz 2017… the two-year support ticket continues……… 

Just more facts of Little Redstone provided service report sent to Maria among other actors within the Nation of Houzz in summer 2017.

What were our views? This two-year support ticket under new means regarding Maria Bianco will continue soon,  … in our views now under breach of agreements as a service provider.  Little Redstone Coffee Table Book Summer 2017 is coming soon! 

What was “Houzz in Canada” in Little Redstone’s views? Maria Bianco knows our views all along.  

Maria Bianco Winner of Houzz Dream Keeper. Retains to keep the dream to some How actual be a real Conspect to join Houzz Team of stacked Mirror website exists today.  Go going Maria will loosing our sent Befez reports but hey Houzz is Befez and You promised to all Join as Houzz states, Houzz is not hacked, broken, and due to our views Houzz actors have all stand behind the Houzz Befez country Test for 2018 as Hey You Won Right Knowing about Houzz as the provider of Befez. 

As you state You would follow up with any Organic Drastic changes Personal Yourself if Houzz would not be staying Organic. Thanks 

I guess Befez clicks don’t count in Houzz ranks? 

Maria Bianco Houzz Dream Keepers Events Not Attended. 

After many generated storytelling events  after two years Zero word came real we realized it was a Dream. 

We woke Up In Houzz Darkness!

2016- 2018 Support for the Organic Leader in Canada 

Stop Drain every ones reviews!!!

Stacking, duplication, mirroring, and switch the reviews from others is disrespectful and in views on google webmaster is in question?

A darkness image logo Um Ok Nice Seo means for refining understudies. Notes in Hand. 

Houzz Go Way with the Negative SEO 

Cloaking Follows with Brand names in 2019 is not the furture in best bussiness practices. The

Mirroring out Brand Little Redstone is Last Years News. Go Away!!!

Award winning Design

A 7 1/2 years Organic Home builder in Canada  is Screwed Over and Spammed Out By Houzz in Negative Seo attacks 

We have a song to suit the State of Mode for Houzz 1000"s employees, The one person will speak out in revolutionary form from this day forward and has no care to stand alone!!!  The Caanadian Houzz Auditor Clan will stand in darkness!! 


The Canadian Auditor Houzz Team 

Calls Out Houzz Founder ...... 

Alon Cohen


Little Redstone as 'David Small Design" on Houzz
Little Redstone States: in further, “Adi Tatarko ” owner and CEO of ‘Houzz’ knowingly or
unknowingly breach the agreement between ‘Little Redstone” by choosing this image out of
‘Little Redstone” projects uploads (35 St. Andrews dr) uploaded by ‘Little Redstone” to provide a
Copyright removed for over 18 months, and renamed, redirected to “Paid Program Users” as
“David Small Designs” to be viewed as “Bait and Switched” to cause harassment”and/or the
investigation of the purpose.

Particulars of Claims