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Houzz Have Been Creating A Buzz – But For The WRONG REASONS… 

As Houzz grows, there seems to be a trend of what looks like growing amount of unsatisfied customers and clients showing up across the web. Numerous reports to Better Business Bureau, DMCA complaints, as well as numerous online reviews and articles that have popped up by numerous Pros and consumers taking to the internet to voicing their complaints…

In a world where the internet doesn’t allow people to post their concerns, experiences or opinions, Houzz would gleefully go on their merry way…  but that is not the world we live in… people want their stories and experiences heard and shared…

Our story started our own experience with Houzz and what we found along the way, it really was a wake up call for us… 

As we got ready to fight back, we realized we were far from being alone… there is a whole plethora of individuals, consumers and companies with their own story to tell…

We saw complaint after complaint by both companies and consumers… over 200 Better Buisness Bureau alone, several 1 star reviews on many sites, numerous DMCA notices filed, bad reviews by employees, consumers and Pro clients…  and a few articles about their “business” practices…

Following Houzz Industry Trends

As the onslaught of consumer complaints continues to grow, many of Houzz’s other business practices are also being exposed by industry professionals and former employees. This page was designed with the purpose of bringing awareness to what Houzz is quickly becoming with links to just some the information you can find on the web. 

  • BBB – 208 and Growing Complaints
  • Petition with over 2000 
  • 206 ONE STAR Reviews and Growing on Trust Pilot
  • 220 Complaints and Growing on ****** Consumers
  • 563 ONE Star Reviews and Growing on Site Jabber

Sourced from Around the Globe and from our Experience

These are testimonies and articles taken from across the web and if you search or follow the links here, you will see there is a growing trend of voices speaking up. People are straight up calling them out for a lot of the same complaints of bad customer service, being hung up on, calls or emails not returned, being straight up lied to, and we can say these all coincide with our own first hand experiences as well. Little Redstone had been lied to, hung up on, calls and emails not responded to, given emails that don’t exit or were blocked(?)…. and MORE including Copyright infridgement… 


When a company refuses to listen, people grow tired and eventually start to take a stand! The business practices of Houzz are what has led to this site being created. People Are Speaking Up, Calling Out Houzz…    They Are Not Alone In Their Battle!


The growing number of complaints against Houzz is now including numerous issues with their new money making system… product sales. Complaints are coming in from consumers, designers and product sellers… Their new trend of using peoples images and adding their own tags to products they sell that ARE NOT always even the same product in the photo or worse. Little Redstone had product tagged to their images that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the photo, just Houzz being Houzz using one of their SEO tactics and “we will use you how we want” business practices…
Many of these issues are similar to the aforementioned complaints, Houzz pushing the blame on the consumer, designer or seller… not returning calls, ignoring the problem all together, being treated rudely, hung up on and the list goes on.

With Houzz you can be promised one thing BUT chances are, you will get another thing… just read the complaints captured here or search the web, lots to be found saying the same thing over and over and over….

This seems to have become a universal problem for Houzz across all of its platforms. They may try to attribute this to growing pains but their seems to be no control by either the owner or by the management team in solving the continued and growing number of complaints… For the most part they continue to blame everyone but themselves, at Houzz it seems that the customer is NEVER right!

How To Get Rid of Your PAID Houzz Finally!

The internet is laced with complaints of Houzz auto renewing your contract, ignoring your request to cancel your Pro paid account and more.

We have found what looks like what may be the only place that Houzz will respond to finally get rid of Houzz and their excuses, sales tactics and your account!

We see that on the Better Business Bureau people are finally getting results!!!! Mindyou they have somehow made many of the complaint details unavailable but read the ones you can see, this seems to be the ONLY place to be heard by Houzz and get results!!!

We HIGHLY SUGGEST post your complaint here and finally get heard!


So Much MORE to See, Keep Scrolling!!!

Employees reviews
Houzz Hack Links
Another Houzz Hack?? Sept 21, 2017
Houzz Hacked Data for sale

For Designers and All Pros!!!

The views of Houzz across the internet show they have tuffled more than a few feathers. Articles have popped up from different branches of the home professional world. Little Redstone Media is glad to share some these. We look forward to the real Houzz being exposed as the way they treat the people who gave this platform legs to begin with.  From Designers to Builders to Sellers, every branch shows there are real concerns about Houzz. Particularly a few articles jump out, one by  Laurel Bern called “The Ugly Truth Behind the Pretty Interiors on Houzz” with a petition attached another articler at Business Of Home called “Why designers are so angry with Houzz” and another called “Houzz, Ivy Mark – WTF is Happening In Our Industry?!” by Alycia Wicker.

Now About That Selling Platform App!!!

Houzz has a sellers app for use with the Shopify based selling platform. As you can see here by the glowing reviews, Houzz have found yet another way to ignore clients and charge them “fees”.  

If you want an interesting read and see more of the same reported Houzz tricks and lies in full swing, we suggest to take the time to read the Chez Roulez review… It captures Houzz and so many of their business practices so well… 

Houzz Drinks Canada DRY 

Houzz Fights Befez Seo Sucker with the Canada City extensions  in Multiples of Duplications of Canada mirrors and the Deactivated account Little Redstone to maintain the Houzz Befez google seo over take due to rebest robots in Javascript loads for over 18 months, 

Houzz Pimps Out Canada’s SEO to Maintain the offset of the Befez sucker as claimed in secret DMCA no recognized or published by Houzz for all ranks, 

Canada the cross border  Invasion, in the Houzz seo google take over got busted by Befez 

Houzz Copyrights regarding any rules for ‘Canada” on Houzz to be found, 

I am the proof, as the Leader of Houzz in Toronto said one page organic ranking page in City extension since 2012 until the day Houzz whitewash my already ghost shadow blocked profile since spring 2017,  that has intucial taken advance of Canadians seo, and trust by uploading onto what is said to be an equal to all updates, since late 2016, 

All it turn out to be was a Multiple of abstracts in mirrors of seo, double raining pages appears, mass loading in repeats of false ranking pages on statesmans.vom and, to even more seo in repeats, 

Then come the tags to produces in mirrors take the seo away from any Canadian that uses that image on there website by adding tags in abstracts to now make that image a bean in a jar in repeats, say goodbye if you think uploads an image onto houzz shall help your website in any seo ever again, 

Kiss sthat image good by and the control of your own website seo you give up in property values left after Houzz has attach all it’s “Empowerment of Technology” we gave up to build years ago, It’s just we all forgot, we feel for the Neon Light, But treads are tread and some hey don’t end well 

But yahoo was the cats ass at one time two, Companies forget really it is by words of mouth and people shall stand up when they feel abused and special when trust was build with years to be broken, 

Houzz has broken both trust and partitions, 

Houzz Mud Seo Canada  

Opt to by in today, ” We shall sell your reviews to others, we shall redirect your images, we shall run google ads while we block you and pice redirect our images on Houzz to paid content, we shall make your oge a Recess shelf on Houzz, 

we shall piece out your photographer on Houzz and removed his copyrights, we shall akt tag you as befez, we shall use you images as no name shopping channel images to sell pillows, we shall link your no name images to redirects to paint toronto home builders that pay Houzz, 

Remember Little Redstone,  ADI Tatarko Owns  your brand by uploading on Houzz for ever! 



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