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Houzz Fake Little Redstone in Association 

The Double truth about Houzz 

Adi Tatarko the Ceo and founder at Houzz has seized Little Redstone account in Toronto, the once leader of the Houzz platform in Canada has ‘Views” she doesn’t like,

Little Redstone  has now been a deactivated account on Houzz due to My views of the Befez porn links javascript and site switches found May 30, 2018.

On August 1, 2018 Houzz states you are described and left for the next 18 month in the Houzz Befez porn hub as the test bucket leader

Little Redstone is preparing its legal force to stop this outrageous attack by the Evelist Lady for 2020 ADI TATARKO 

The WhiteWash 

Little Redstone has demand Houzz to removal all content since, Little Redstone wanted zero to do with the knowledge that Houzz is contributing the solicitation to porn and wishes to contribute to the solicitation knowingly as of June 3, 2018 when I first discovered was reported by Little Redstone. 


Mass Anti-competitive Violations – Identification theft of Little Redstone reviews _ Bait and switch Little Redstone Images to impostor paid accounts, – mass attacks in seo – garffing images to abstracts – Direct seo attacks to Little Redstone logo- breach DMCA rules by reposting Little Redstone Logo twice removed –  Outright google ads in Little Redstone brand name  while block to show the online bullying –  Harassment – Feature complains in images of Little Redstone award stair to some other ones design in Houzz magazine – 

Mass Marketing in Little Redstone name in reviews ,,,, stolen ownership of reviews while under demand to remove this freedom of speech of Houzz, 

Houzz fake reviews a paid pro and runs a 6 month all Houzz description campaign on google to show the association to Houzz while blocked and zero freedom of speech. Little Redstone states this Houzz Campaign was fake and fraud and shall be legal pursue in parties 

Just a small part time Job fight Houzz negative seo once you are a deactivated account due to your views of the solicitation of porn 

The legal follow ups is coming 

ADI TATARKO, CEO, Founder of Houzz harass Little Redstone

Since August 1, 2018 

Houzz Befez | 18 Month Porn Hub 

May – 2018 –  November 2019 

Found to Effect the Houzz March 2018 Google Updated Release 

javascript introduction  

and site-switches  

“All Lead  for 18 Months to the Solicitation to Porn cam Links “