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Lawrence Park toronto
Adi Tatarko Founder Houzz
Houzz Views of DMCA

Maria Blanco Social Engineer 2016-2020

Maria Blanco Social Engineered Little Redstone out of  human rights


The Dreamkeepers Stories now in slave for and burdened with-in the minds of Houzzintolgy! 

Accountability As It was “Engineered”, no transparency in four years, accountability for blocking, running testing, removing free options and resisting services, ghost shadowing my discussions when sign-in, yep I see my discussions but not show to the public, Guilty to have the knowley of the befez hacker indentation theft since August 3, 2018, that retained the knowledgeable information showing new uploads by Paid Pro Users were going right onto the befez houzz hacker, and was for 18 months in constanted. Why would someone hide such facts? Your Uploads are going straight to Beez, used to out rank Houzz by a Mirror text javascript “text change” & a redirect link builder to solication to Adult content in reviews and profile separated sections as provided. 

Social Engineered Now to defend!


“Houzz Dream Keeper Scammer”

2016 Maria Blanco Social Engineer a story Telling Houzz was maintaining the Professional are of Houzz to be a equal to all on all pages include some resizable “New Means of Reproduction of Economic Means” had shown up in Canada call the ‘Toronto Metre best of 25, home builders page,,,, This was the first sign of the false advertisement of Home builders in Canada show up and Houzz was confronted, All the way to the top of Houzz Support

Maria Blanco…



2018-2020 Houzz Fake News Canada 

Houzz Hacker Test Bucket Sections 

All Social Engineered to steal Little Redstone Hacked profile to use the seo in constant to save the Houzz had to porn via site switches and text javascript take over to switch out test to befez, ad redirect links to adult cams sites for over 18 months, This Lady Social Engineer has now been in fact in constant solicitation  and provides it b, knows it, and allow you all to uploads straight onto this hacked websites for over 18 months, 

Total hacked and in control of others ,,, 

What a scammmmmm ……..Houzz is NOWHERE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and Now hacked again today april 2020, On more bull shit old cache pages reviews opn Houzz,,,, endless incubation in reviews has now cause some hacker to take notice and it’s all hackers world since…. 


“Shine on You Crazy Diamond”

 of Houzzintonlgy 

somewhere else

April 2020

by The Canadian Houzz Auditors 

WE Are Always watching!!!!