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A New Era of Security

In Canada, data protection and cybersecurity are governed by a complex legal and regulatory framework. Failure to understand this framework and take active steps to reduce risks (or the impact of such risks when they materialize) can have serious legal and financial consequences for an organization. Therefore, it is crucial for organizations that operate in Canada (in whole or in part), or that have business partners operating in Canada, to understand this rapidly evolving area of law and governance.

Security Audits

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Vulnerability Prevention

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Security Analysis

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Security Solutions & Services

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Establishing a Cyber Security Plan

Developing a cyber-security plan should be a priority for any business. A cyber security plan will identify those baseline cyber security controls that form the foundation for every organization. It will further detail those assets that need additional safeguarding, specific threats and risks to the business, and which safeguards to implement. Remember that you can always revisit and expand your plan over time. In addition, the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre (CCIRC) has resources available to help organizations with their cyber security planning. Once an organization’s plan has been established, it should be approved by an organization’s senior management, reviewed periodically, and budgeted for. Cyber security plans may contain sensitive information and should be marked, handled, stored, transmitted, and destroyed with security in mind.


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 ” But before we can fight back, we need to know exactly what were up against—and start taking it seriously”


Cure for Disconnection



What We Offer

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Security Analysis Find Befez


Our Approach to Security

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