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Houzz  Blows ‘Canadian Seo” ,, as Global Seo Economic Means for Decades’,,..

Were is your Humin Civil rights as a Canadian by uploading on Houzz?

#NoRulesHouzz #HouzzPimpsCanadaSeo

Little Redstone Media

Canada’s “ Alternative Independent News Source”

Fake Reviews By the Social Engineers @Houzz,,,

Houzz sometimes your abuse towards Canadians is in “views”,,, incubation  of Our Feelings” …. Fake Reviews By the Social Engineers @Houzz,,, This Canadian ‘Stands” Denied … Due to the process of your Demiad, and your Views in Social Engineering ‘Little Redstone” ,,,, You are the Evilest Platform in the environment of “Lead” Generators on the internet for 2020,,,


Canada as the ” Labour of content incubated for the Seo badlands in Darkness “google” Houzz :ogos, business locations in fake attempts to take as much google Canada space from ,, All sides of Our Country in Country domins ressiterd as Countrys or Not,, Houzz is ever were globally ,,, ‘Empowerment of technology take over of Canada,, for now decades but more Notice after the “Dream Keeper” results spring, 2017,, still as a test bucket seo profile in abuse on Houzz by Maria Blanco,, now block suppro team to the freeholds fight of the New Reproduction of economic Means was force and test on Little Redstone in Canada, the large profile on HOuzz,,,,, All the way to the Test Bucket day update march 2018,,, Test bucket ,,, then hackerd and take to the ‘Social Engineers of today,,, 2020 a pimped out in human rights, defaced by Adi Tatarko,,, Evilest person in business today,,,

|||  ”” EH””” =, James Herron Editor 


Freeholders Content Sold over News Today @houzz ,,,,”Pimped out Canada,,, 

The Fake unMarked USA, Local Pages Invasion build from the free Seo @Canada “Labour of work” …,, the no Copyrights, Rules “Social Engineered Houzz Canada” 

Social Engineered Fake News Canada @houzz “Today” 

Discover Canada’s Seo here,, ,,,,,,,,,,, >>>> One Outlier Proud Canadian in ‘Views”  ……… 

And/or the “Being of”, the Social Engineered abstract UnMarked “Little Redstone Brand”, the mixed in agreements in “Views”since late 2016, 

Taken under some kind of ‘Houzzintonly” Fall 2016, the Dream Keeping process appeared to this one outlier fish that swims, 


But in the light I saw, Ten Thousand Canadians “People” talking but no one listens @Houzz,…………….  Fake Indications new unmarked Canada,, no rankings, no rules, No intentertail policies followed, No location @Houzz, Mass over load of search content 200 miles to mix border maps, …………. 

The Little Redstone Media……..  “Canada Civil Rights”  Protect Yourself from the 2020 Social Engineers under slave @houzzintonlgy goddess Neon flash ,,,,,,,,, James Herron Editor 


Relative Reality vs Absolute Reality

The Continue struggle of the Understudies Houzz Canada now a ocwer a decade old, 

The unfolding, untold story of manipulative capitalism in Social Engineering for 2020 to lead to darkness

Anything that we experience in this world which can be described in words is due to relativity. The reason we know light is because we know darkness. Had there been no darkness and only light, it would be impossible to describe either as there would be no context to help us understand the difference.

Houzzintongly 2017- By Maria Blanco @Houzz 

Anything that is subject to change can be called relative reality. Only something that is constant and not subject to change can be called absolute reality. … All observable phenomenon is relative as the duality of observer and the observed is relative. The subjective self is said to be the absolute reality.

Maria Blanco Head of Social Engineer Support 2016- 18, Now “Words Generator” some were in the Darkness writing sleepy ‘Dreamkeepers” in Teaching’s -2020….. slave under the New Reproduction of  Economic Means  Means of Technology that now Has been  

We promise we don’t send spam, Little Redstone Media has collected all data in fight in  “Human Rights” to what this 2020 has become and the Un-Notice Empwerment of Technology  and it’s natural State, to protect online Bullying  

Why Live and Build a Home in New Toronto, Toronto, Ontario Canada

New Toronto is a neighbourhood and former municipality in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located in the south-west area of Toronto, along Lake Ontario. The Town of New Toronto was established in 1890, and was designed and planned as an industrial centre by a group of industrialists from Toronto who had visited Rochester, New York. New Toronto was originally a part of the Township of Etobicoke. It was an independent municipality from 1913 to 1967, being one of the former ‘Lakeshore Municipalities‘ amalgamated into the Borough of Etobicoke, and eventually amalgamated into Toronto. The neighbourhood has retained the name.  43°36′02″N 79°30′19″W

Marx’s theories about society, economics, and politics – collectively understood as Marxism – hold that human societies develop through class struggle.