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“Shine on You Crazy Diamond”

 of Houzzintonlgy 

somewhere else

Adi Tatarko Social Engineer @houzz incubating April 2020

Houzz social Engineering,,, Canada What Country Is That ,,, Where is that on the Map ,,,

“Yep take it is mine … ” Adi Tatarko 


Little Redstone Your No Name on Houzz, 

‘The Abstract Report” 

Truth Vs Reality 

“The Life of Sharks is a webcomic”

“Our expectations can create significant stress when they don’t match up to reality.”

The great Isaac Newton’s ideas about the nature of light, it was staggeringly simple. It “may be repeated with great ease, wherever the sun shines,”

Evilest Goddess 2020  in Darkness Neon Lights only flashed Befez while you were sleeping in “whispers of words in siliance”. 

James Herron

June 3, 2018 request for Help 

“Identification theft”

Adi Tatarko Choose 

Not Share Houzz Befez 

7 weeks of live room webcams when clicked

Just one flash of Neon Light June-august 2018  This Blogger Image is the Only Image never to appear again on Befez. 

It gets the first one removed from Befez award

Little Redstone video tape this actionaly request and is with holding this video tape at this time , It’s was not editors choose iis all I can say 

James Herron 

“Shine on You Crazy Diamond”

 of Houzzintonlgy 

somewhere else

Social engineering, in the context of information security, is the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. This differs from social engineering within the social sciences, which does not concern the divulging of confidential information. Wikipedia


Keep all Healthcre with-in the walls of Houzzintonlgy and diffealy don’t tell the IvyMark about ‘Befez’ shhh 

We can control Little Redstone Truth in life,,,, Houzz is not hacked or Even Broken 

Free Food & Drink

with a play ground at brake with a slide and little cozy spots for a  nappy brake time with cookies and Milk. 15 min only of coarse soon agreement and your   university degree in word generation 


Test as many tags on products as possible on Little Redstones images, He has 1600 images, great test bucket zone since 2016, as found on Befez May 2018 as the attached seo test bucket on Houzz taken by Befez to porn 


Start a game of Risk, the World Domination Game with Little Redstone to fight the negative seo found to be taken the world in seo on google to rank over, We have no choose, while Befez out ranks use using Little Redstone on Houzz we provided.  

Have Befez Events

contuine to contrube to the solicitation of porn shhh…

Fun at Befez November 2018

Little Redstone

is Calling again to be deleted 

O Umm,, hey let’s run another google ad in December 2018 in ‘Little Redstones Brand Name” 

,,,lol that sounds great Befez is still over taking Use any way,