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Ivy Goes Mobile With New App for Designers on Befez by Houzz

Mobile Apps

User Experience

VIsual Design on Befez

App Development on Befez

April 2020

by The Canadian Houzz Auditors 

WE Are Always watching!!!!

Our Design & Development Process


What We Build For “Stop Befez Seo Attack” on google 

in Shades of Darkness  


Keep all Healthcre with-in the walls of Houzzintonlgy and diffealy don’t tell the IvyMark about ‘Befez’ shhh 

We can control Little Redstone Truth in life,,,, Houzz is not hacked or Even Broken 

Free Food & Drink

with a play ground at brake with a slide and little cozy spots for a  nappy brake time with cookies and Milk. 15 min only of coarse soon agreement and your   university degree in word generation 


Test as many tags on products as possible on Little Redstones images, He has 1600 images, great test bucket zone since 2016, as found on Befez May 2018 as the attached seo test bucket on Houzz taken by Befez to porn 


Start a game of Risk, the World Domination Game with Little Redstone to fight the negative seo found to be taken the world in seo on google to rank over, We have no choose, while Befez out ranks use using Little Redstone on Houzz we provided.  

Have Befez Events

contuine to contrube to the solicitation of porn shhh…

Fun at Befez November 2018

Little Redstone

is Calling again to be deleted 

O Umm,, hey let’s run another google ad in December 2018 in ‘Little Redstones Brand Name” 

,,,lol that sounds great Befez is still over taking Use any way, 

Sports & Fitness

Use Canada Profile reviews to warm up in darkness the lack of negative scores Befez is providing  of the st,hcdn fings JavaScript until we can track this mess down, It’s burned in mirrors, Befez is out scoring Houzz on google webmaster crawls  … shhh 

Real Estate

Take as much as you can by out massing the seo out, Piece out “Little Redstone” mix up all google score, ad alt tags, redirect images, cause 404s, Run more Google Ads, 

But he called again and said he would build a website if we didn t stop and deleted “Little Redstone…. 

Yea right ….lol this guy is going to build a website ,,, sure sure 


Fu….k,,, He build a website…. 

Look at the frigen videos quick call our buddys of at google we spent tons of money with and demand then to takedown Little Redstone Media Youtube Channel … shhh wow close one, 

it looks like he just left that one along… until again awoken 


shhh the Ivy blog went to befez on release,,, o shot o well just more soilitation of porn in uploads in October 2018 now taken to load web cam links to adult cam shows……….

Houzz test reloads get taken by Befez again, Summer 2019, still going strong, putting on shows, 


Do Not Disturb The Sounds of Silence 

What We Offer IVYMark 

Adi Tatarko runs google ads in “Little Redstone Brand “Name to attached Local Toronto Home owners to lead them to a Blocked access profile on Houzz to out seo Befez for the fall of 2018, All while blocking and braking Little Redstone leading profile in Canada into pieces of seo counter measures to out rank Befez and control the constant st,cdcn,com flings are located in JavaScript houzz provides to google, 

Meanwhile back in closed doors at the “Houzzintongly”  placed in “Deny”  and now in breach of the Civil Rights “Little Redstone’s” in Demand letters to remove all content from Houzz and the Houzz claimed befez not hacked or broken website  that all lead to porn shows as Of August 3, 2018.  

Mobile App Development

Shhhh don’t tell Ivy about the ‘Befez ” Present in the accostation to be contributing solicitation of porn 

Keep building,  

Roadmap & Strategy

Toss them all on Picture Boss

Backend & API Development

Fight Befez  In Seo images and Alt tags 

User Centric Experiences

Befez blog

18 Month of Two lines of adult cam links in that furthermore continued to provide the solicitation to links to adult content of fresh uploads during the “Denial, process in Cycle” Fair warning in Duties to Protect ‘Little Redstone”  

Houzzintonlgy is under a Inda Talks while the Befez shows continue the ‘Neon Lights” with the skirts up, but under the New World Order of Houzzintonlgy this is a shun non existing in “Being” in  “Denial” while Adi Tatarko Faces India talks with their best interests, shhhhh be a befez buffer,,, 

WorldClass Support

EVERYONE but Little Redstone in Toronto, 

He found Befez

He figure out the seo of images on Houzz  


Mean while back at Houzzintonlogy — It’s Not working Befez keeps on reloading as Houzz is,,,, umm what should we do,,, match the seo and out copy it in mass,,, um Ok ,,, Alt tagging interior designers images as ‘Little Redstone” simple is not enough

Let’s copy Muggs island ,,,, 

Let’s copy the effect Houzz Befez profiles currently feeding Befez, one to 100 is better then zero seo for now…., 

Data backups

We have so many copies  of all images mixed everywhere online it took 18 month just find one JavaScript to Befez, That’s is what happen when you load a image on to Houzz, It goes into the Houzzintonlgy image incubator and then re classified as a product  for the best seo on google 

st,hcdn fings 

You maybe luck and become a online  Houzz colour chart in seo 

The New World Order  Meeting at Houzzintonlgy 

Is now 1 year and Befez is Winning ,,,,Well we also have the 4 each copy we got mirrored out in Singapore 

Um try some new image testing uploading,,,

Product Updates

New World Order of Houzzintonlgy

Take over Little Redstones Brand even though they retain two DMCA takedowns and have sent Multiple Cease and Desist orders since August 1, 2018 , 

Remove the Civil Human Rights in Canada for this profile, 


Little Redstone on Houzz by Adi Tatarko,,,, A Recess Shelf for 2020 as advertised,,,,,,,,,


Little Redstone

Takes Adi Tatarko Statement to the Public of Her Views is Harrassment 

Award Winning quality

New world Order 

Update Little Redstone catch pages loads from 2018 and use them as reloads on Bing for negative seo best practices, It’s 2020 and they still exist with views,  

BlockChain Intergration

The New World Order  Meeting at Houzzintonlgy 

More.. give google webmasters more Canda, make more copys to seo out Befez 

Shhh we are still loosing seo ,,, load Little Redstone again from old cahe and relaoct them to Austrila ,, redirect that link to all Pors,,,,,, Make ‘Little Redstone into a redirect link to profit and gain with negaitved seo for google webmasters,,, hey coll hiding it in chase loads,,, 2020 Feburary Houzz master plan in Houzzintonly, Unmmm ok ,,, 

Befez March 2020 Still Returns in some Affects ,,,,,,

Already Know the Details of Your Project?

You shall be attacked in all fronts under Houzzinltonlgy  if you Desturb the Sounds of Silences while the Neon Goddess Climbs  her own  “Staircase to Heaven”  within the jurisdiction of the state property of Befez  


 shhh  Adi Tatarko 

The Steps to the “Stairway to Heaven” 

 “Denial, process in Cycle”or the effective overall management of the Company, and for conformity with policies agreed uponthe agreement. To Providing leadership and vision with a view to ensuring the implementation of the Company’s strategy. and its shareholders that agrees to uploadBlock Little Redstone’s Views June 2018 the “WhiteWash” Befez,,,,

Adi Tatarko Continue to load affect content in st .hzcdn. com flings image’s on October 2018 to Take Her New Paid For Ivy eating Yogurt knowingly the affected Befez Blog still is active and reloading each match reload update ‘Equal” to all fall 2018, wink wink  rebot, reboot javascript lost with-in ,,,,,  All profile user that continue to Contribute load after Little Redstone’s Notices to Houzz from June 3, 2018 New Content to even furthermore boost Befez seo in the fight of her Life on the steps to the Stairway to Heaven She has built in Seo take over in 2018- to dated,  and her “Employment of Technology” by an once interesting story to keep the Internet environment ‘Organic” searchable, as she went thought times will renovating. Now a Dedicated old and build from the date loading collects of others property’s in a share property agreement in fair trade. To be equal to All. 

Adi Tatarko keep her only words in truth, Houzz updates are “Equal To All” in one case, See Ivy is on Befez right away to knowingly, and put on Notice since June 2018 by Little Redstone to now furthermore continue to then proceed to soiliation by the broadcasting in association to Porn Cams shows. October 2018 Ivy blog Release,

 James Herron, “Life in Truth” 

Houzzintonlogy 2016-2020  The Book 

 Not trapped in the illusory truth effect  at Houzzintonlogy,  (also known as the validity effecttruth effect, or the reiteration effect) is the tendency to believe false information to be correct after repeated exposure. A Organic free fish swimming as a no name abstract with parts trapped in the Houzz bubble until I Crack its shell and Join My Hollow Free Being, Not in the Adi Tatarko fish bowl of image incubators in mass repeats no name abstract and reload of different 2018 cache pages of Little Redstone profile to boost seo and pull down internet web browsers ‘Little Redstone brand views of Befez,  The Google Feeder in Home shopping channels in Canada since spring 2017 without even Delivery to Canada o have any offering to join the benefit of the 5% discount to contruint,,, Houzz forget to map out the codes , Facts on August 1, 2018, Last day standing on Houzz states Houzz due to Befez, what a shopping seo scam for Canada images on Houzz, no graduate but tags to crap on Canada property with no rewards but negative seo in images tags feeding Google webmaster crawler… Nice build Out chopping channel and test on the visual tool right on ‘Little Redstones. 178 Project and 1600 images, Its on , Houzz test bucket since 2016 was Truth to be told again found as the Javascript load as the test bucket in 2018 taken by Befez,  

We detected fear and consuming confusion with-in the Nation of Houzz actors team as One standing with Alon Cohn, Hope this music finds the Morals soles left to become true to themselves. 

Company employees life span is on average now just at over two years of a eductionaul point and change to be able to expose such Monoby that some have no choice but to work at.  Life is a journey of learning and hope the best who has fallen victim. 

Two years is only a flicker of your Life, learn from It and write a new song in means. 

The Canadian Houzz Auditor Clan