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Best of 15 on Houzz Befez Tests 


Houzz Claims Not to Be Hacked or Even Broken on My reports from June 3, 2018  and since.  

James Herron, Little Redstone  

2018- 2020  Edition


                                                                                                                           What will google results be? 

Since May, 2018




Best home Builder in Canada

Little Redstone Alt Image date tags by the actors of Houzz

The Best 15 home Builders in Canada
Canadian home builders list


Build House Canada
Best 15 Home Builders in Toronto

Houzz Befez site switch testing,

Where to find Home Builder Jobs Canada?


Houzz vs Befez

Little Redstone Media Audit

by the actors of Little Redstone Media under new found means created by houzz in conflicting views!!!


Who is in Control?

We Can’t Tell!! 

We did record the SEO movements of the release of new content by Houzz. The new Images Released by the actors on their means seems to have been taken right away by Befez in Canada.…….

Houzz – 0 Befez + 1

Or is Houzz running one more test on st.hzcdn images to correct the attached Data file attached to Houzz profile images that link to loads of XXX!

We Don’t know as we were under an 18-month Blocked Support and under test by the actors of Houzz.

The only results is Little Redstone is no long on Befez due to our success as the 7 & 1/2 years of contributing your years of work as the Organic Leader in Toronto will be no Longer. Deactivated due to our views and the Found email came. Houzz is not Hacked,  or Broken!!! Houzz is open to whom is opt to pay for it.

State’s the Actors of Houzz! Aug, 1 2018.

Houzz Befez Testing Back to 

“Gardenweb” discussions 

toronto home builders lists
Best Home Builder in Canada
Top Home Builder in Canada

Houzz Befez JP Testing cache address 

92 More occurence links Tests Houzz fights Befez Head on with Canada to out rank the over take

Houzz Fun Befez Tests

Little Redstone shown here still on Befez in October 2018 by the creators of Houzz. Due to Our Views after deactivation August 1, 2018 for our views of Befez!!! All facts of the new means of reproduction of economics means Noen God Style

or is it ED TV Time on Houzz…………… Hmmmm

Our Top Three  Rated For March

House Builder Toronto

Our content goes to where? During our watch we found these to be the current Top 3 images linked to the Little Redstone name from Houzz to be found used by Befez for this month. We are always interested as to where Google searches and Site Checker lead us. We have found this to be a great way to keep an eye on the activities the “Neon Goddess”.

custom home builders cost toronto

Shhhh, Don’t ask Houzz!!! Houzz means are sent in the “Words of Silence”……

Houzz’s Doors Slapped Shut 2 years ago on any Organic Support For the Canadian Little Redstone as a free account holder!!

Did we witness the new means!!! or !!!!

 March 2020 Edition 

Best 15 in Canada on Houzz Befez

Houzz Befez was reported to Houzz on June 3 2018 By Little Redstone. Due to our claim of Befez and our views of Houzz, our support was blocked. Our experience as a “Testing Profile” for Houzz within their new reproduction of economics means, all Due to our success to Lead the one ranked page in Toronto, left stated by Houzz to actual rank. Can You find it or is it lost with-in the Paid Locate now of the “Best of 15 or 25” featured reviews by Houzz!  Enjoy the new means of Houzz!! You pay to play now with the infrastructure of the Five Ranking Cities that rank in Canada with now 10’s of thousands of paid local Mixed pages states Houzz.

Organic content will lead until it is sold over.  The Mixed pages ” Best of 15 Featured Reviews” by the actors by Houzz.

Just recognizing the new reproduction of economics means from our actual experience due to our success on Houzz to be sold over since November 2016.

What happen to the best of Houzz? It faded away on the way to the “Stairway to Heaven” by the neon God in Darkness!




Best Houzz/Befez Ottawa 

 Little Redstone has views and facts by experience!!!! 

And a new means in views created by the Actors of Houzz over the last nine months while not on Houzz official says Houzz to Little  Redstone due to Our Views!


Best 15 Houzz Befez  Canada March 2019 

Best Houzz/Befez Vancouver

Best Houzz Befez in Toronto

Best Houzz Befez TV 

Nothing Wrong With Houzz Here 

Just Befez Everywhere!!! We tried to Tell Houzz!!!

Toronto Condo builders

Houzz Befez Product Testing 

Gta home builder Lists
Best 15 home builders



You Don’t Want Wake The Neon God of the New reproduction of economic means!!! Don’t Disturb the “Words of Silence” …… 18 months Little Redstone had blocked support with Houzz will their New Means  NOW Called the Best of 15!!!! or 25!!!!! Your Views will be a creep to the means of deactivation in their forever world of endless Seo google take over injected by the Neon God will you were sleeping. Little Redstone noticed the neon flash endless Image SEO results by the actors. Shhhhhhh!! Don’t tell them we are here!!! cool Keep the door closed!! It’s now 9 months with Houzz not seeing The Best of Befez!!!

Little Redstone’s Media new means is born, Shhh We are taking the fight alone for the freedom of speech in SEO.

Little Redstone is not on Houzz due to our facts found and knowledge of Houzz in views!!

The way houzz seems to show on Google searches could be in the words of silence sent from the Neon God for Befez to take notice of Little Redstone brand. But Who really knows who Befez is after Little Redstone waited 2 months to find simply Houzz is Not Hacked, Broken, and due to Little Redstone’s Views the actors are de-acivating Little Redstone.  Houzz did state Houzz is open to anyone the opts to pay for it. Uhmmm we did not go for that option. Little Redstone instructed Houzz to remove all our brand images and any and all other related material of Little Redstone under our New views due to the Houzz’s final answers and a google ad running that attached Little Redstone projects on Houzz as a response. Is Houzz’s  showing new means looks to be similar that could passable awake Marxism at this point?

Befez Germany and Russia month report. There is sightings worldwide for Houzz  Befez Testing Base Countries!!!


Google Thinks the Winner of March, 2019 Is………

Houzz Seo Image Data results, well Google Thinks So.

Google Search provided by your Canadian Houzz Auditor!

Houzz SEO Images found on a reverse search to see how to google views Houzz. We are out searching how houzz shows so well on!!!

We found the largest free contributor in Toronto city extension of the one ranking page said to be left on Houzz.

We also found this to be the case for the City Extension of the Toronto Local Area & Ontario “Opt. to pay Mixed pages”  This does depend on what page after the first 6 pages what the results will be. After that is a mix country per City extension of Canada attached content were needed.

 the Global Mix Categories home building, General Contractors, Design-Build provide since 2012.

We also Found this profile on Houzz to have more SEO linked projects than most. How many projects is Houzz Seo does Houzz provide for your free profile? Is this a balanced ranking organic subject on what is said to build rankings via Image exposure? Lets us know in the comments below. Little Redstone Media has an eye on this for future follow up Reports.

NOPE… still nothing wrong with Houzz Befez Testing States Houzz Aug 1, 2018 … NOT BROKEN OR HACKED… Still Open to all that opts to pay!!

Houzz Befez New York | 18 Month Porn Hub 

May – 2018 –  November 2019 

Found to Effect the Houzz March 2018 Google Updated Release 

javascript introduction  

and site-switches  

“All Lead  for 18 Months to the Solicitation to Porn cam Links “