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Be fair warned, Some now are wolves in sheep’s clothing but present themselves as a contrasting embodiment of personal freedom and liberal values, even as they embed the social model now known as surveillance capitalism. Internet Monopoly is realistic facts as technology grows in mass globally Social Media Platforms as we all fall into Evil Darkness in business practices of the New 2020 Internet under new reproduction of economic means that now easily and my short falls commonly showing. How safe are You? Can You tell where your number is now organic contended?

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Democracy at Work in Institute

Style & Imagery 



The understudy of Bait and Switch Content vs what’s left of organic content on the internet for 2020.What should be deemed Evil?

The “bait” in a bait and switch can be an advertised physical product, image or service that has a notably attractive price or  no longer available. It can also take the form of a Teaser, it could be found in description slur, products or services no longer available,  images of no content or association.  Once a customer comes into the Website the to inquire about the advertised content, the advertiser will attempt to sell the customer a  different  product or service, or more expensive content, which constitutes the “switch.”

“Bait and switch” usage as non organic content  in views on the internet  that was

NOT provided by Little Redstone or under Little Redstone’s consent and

NOT our views in Mirror’s in mass marketing 

Little Redstone image Copyrights

My Coming Artifacts 

  Documentary Coming Soon!

My One Year ofLittle Redstone Brand in a “Identification Thefts” and in Democracy at Work vs the capitalized

You will be Alone!

Identity theft is the deliberate use of someone else’s identity usually as a method to gain a financial advantage or obtain credit and other benefits in the other person’s name, and perhaps to the other person’s disadvantage or loss. The person whose identity has been assumed may suffer adverse consequences, especially if they are held responsible for the perpetrator’s actions. 

This is my case exactly June 2018 – July 2019 

My Now Over  one year of ” Little Redstone Identity Theft” and full Documentary of  “Befez” coming soon. 

This is my facts that you will be alone when a deepening Crisis of Capitalism is in Association.

“Befez” is still left to be the unbound, left in Evil Darkness negative seo to 404s. This brings the real facts of security of this internet we all contributed to what we all believed as fair trade in return for our ” labor of work”.


Good Luck to all effected and still is left as Befez 404 links.  What a year this has been for Little Redstone. What a NEGATIVE SEO BLACK HAT SCAM. Left to deal with as “Just a small Builder in Toronto taken now by “Technology of mass global war to SEO all out of distortion by abstracts. 

James Herron owner Little Redstone

Little Redstone Brand Stolen Fall 2016

The views of  ‘New Reproduction of Economic Means”  in human rights as a Canadian by a Identification theft of My Canada content by the USA base Leader generating Private Firm Called Houzz. Canada Vs Houzz in a privity  disrupted agreement 

Befez Is Still Attacking…

It is not over 2019-09-21….. 

It’s Now 15 Months of Befez affairs as “Identity Theft” in an abstract of instrumental technology placements by who? …

James Herron 

Befez 2018-20 Not Identified


           ” To access a computer network, the typical hacker might look for a software vulnerability. A social engineer, though, could pose as a technical support person 

James Herron 


Relativity Vs Reality

Social Engineering as Houzz has retain this Cnadains SEO, been Pimp ‘Little Redstone on Houzz” on Befez and Houzz .. “EH”__ What is “Public in January” ,,,, Houzz lets go staff ___ LOL _

“EH” ___ Befez since May 2018?  um…ok

The international restructuring was intended to allow Houzz to “double down on the areas that will have the greatest impact for Houzz,” a Houzz spokesperson told TechCrunch.

My Documentary as I Witness the Online New World in Order.

November 2016 to present! 

Who is tracking Who?

” Befez the Thieves Vs Capitalization”

What is this Befez Abstracted I found attached to my Little Redstone Google Profile on June 1, 2018?

 What an Evil World Wide Web We face for 2020!!

Is it Ever going To End?    # !!

Over One Year Later!!


“Test Bucket ” 

What is “Befez ” Trying to Tell Me? 

What does Befez Get Out of this? 

A Capitalized Take Over?

Abstract  thoughts? How did it Seo itself to Rank over Houzz in Google Business Reviews? 

My Story

Evil 2020

Houzz Test Bucket Befez Report June 3, 2018 



Hmmm, Been Since Aug, 1, 2018 


 is a Deactivated  Profile




Little Redstone has been under the surveillance at Houzz since My first realization of The New Reproduction of Economic Means since November 2016.  My Best 75 Support Tickets Have  Never Been Supported by Houzz Since.  

Little Redstone has went years of unanswered support or left in unanswered support tickets with return follow up blocked replies, then to be simple closed after few months.  We got a “No ” to “Opt To buy in” May 2018. 

June 3 2018 after one week of watching and watching my images show up on a new website that looked like Houzz and was named Houzz as : ” Befez” . The links all led to adult content. When I now found this website ranking and Seoing over My Houzz on My Google Business Profile I got concerned.  So one more support ticket was sent to Houzz on June 3, 2018 showing my concerns of this being  a “Identity Theft” problems. 

Little Redstone finally got a response two months later  from Houzz stating our views are no longer wanted by Houzz. Hmmmm….


August, 1, 2018

Little Redstone, You are deactivate and your views are no longer wanted…. hmmm…

What is Now, a Deactivated Account Mean? 

Ok Let’s start in 2020 with My Documentary of what My Views are of Befez and Houzz.

One year fight with Houzz to be deleted Due to My Views.  hmmm seems concerning Now! 

I am a Canadian small home builder that now had to learn SEO and Website building just to get my message to be in some minds eye at Houzz maybe it’s best to Permanently delete our relationship instead of putting on such a performance  with my profile in Abstracts provide by Houzz to the internet. 


Evil 2020 Coming Soon

It already exist. 

The discoverers  pages!



Demand Letters Have Been Sent To Houzz  & Representative’s to  Permanently Remove

Little Redstone

Since Aug 1, 2018.


Cyber-Proletariat shows us the darkness. It has now may come full coarse.

You just have to now accept the fair warnings.

Where is your privacy today? 

Months of Befez Live & Exists

Befez (Still Live- Attacking) 

Last Update, Steptember, 21, 2019 

Placements of Capitalism taken for a ride

Befez Archives June 1, 2018

to present. 

Befez “Identity Theft” Crisis for the Capitalism with no care. Befez takes millions of victims privacy without notice for over a year and pimps it out to Adult Porn sites and keeps on going! 

What is this Abstracted in Tech knowledge  that is left unspoken for !! 



Black Hat SEO Showing The Evil in Darkness

Befez  Archive File Tracking

Start June 1, 2018- Present Status 

“Still Live- Attacking” 

Coming Soon!

Join the fight to Stop Befez!!

Little Redstone Midtown Build

This is my facts that you will be alone when a deepening Crisis of Capitalism is in Association.

The facts are up for release on the status of this discovery and the reactions I got. 

The Social Media Reality  that I have experienced since November 2016 became very Evil. The impacts of forced Capitalism.  

Who do you trust with your privacy?

Where will the Social Media Tracking Companies be when exposed? 

Do Not Track 2020 

Protect Yourself from Malware and Hacks attachments that Providers don’t tell You about they provide!!!

Site switches and Javascripes 

Hidden facts for Years  by Uploading on to Houzz for Toronto Home Builder ‘Little Redstone” 

Who Tracks You and What do They do With it?

Who Tracks Them and Steals? 

Thanks for Watching! Updates weekly.

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